About Us

Sunar Un ve Yem, which has almost 50 years of experience in the sector with its flour and feed products, is among the foremost institutions in the food and feed sector. Sunar Un ve Yem, which succeeded in being added to the ICC Second 500 list by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce that ranks Türkiye’s industrial giants.

Founded in 1976 to process wheat that grows in the Çukurova Region that is one of the world’s most fertile plains and one of Türkiye’s prominent agricultural fields, Sunar Un ve Yem is among the first industrial facilities of Osmaniye. Sunar Un ve Yem, which started its production with flour, incorporated the Sunar Un ve Yem Feed Factory to meet the growing livestock needs in the region in 1997. Producing natural cattle feeds in powder and pellet forms in a quality that is able to respond to all phases of development for large cattle, small cattle, and winged animals, Sunar Yem produces feed at the same quality, content, and specification 12 months of the year thanks to the raw materials and contents that the other production facilities in the Sunar Group provide.

Sunar Un ve Yem Flour and Sunar Yem, which are among the most preferred brands in the region, have certified their quality with TSE 9001:2000 Quality assurance systems. Sunar Yem have cerificated Turkish Standar Instuties (TSE) as a first feed  company, labour safety and entertairment respect.

Sunar Un ve Yem San. ve Tic. A.Ş. 

Chairman:  Mustafa Nuri Çomu
General Manager:  Mustafa Topal
Products: Flours for Breads – Flours for Retail – Luxury Flour Group & Dairy Feeds – Beef Cattle Feeds – Special Periad Feeds

Akyar Köyü Bağ-Kur Evleri Mevkii No:66 PK 80020 Osmaniye / TÜRKİYE

Telefon:  +90 (328) 826 02 65
Fax: +90 (328) 826 02 63
E-mail: info@sunaryem.com.tr